Global Pandemic Begins: March-April 2020

Today is day #39 for me (Stefanie) and day #30 for my husband Jason and my son Christian. We have been staying home under strict guidelines to help #stopthespread of the awful coronavirus going around the world right now. The time home has had its ups and downs. Some days seem to feel long but most days go super fast! We are both working from home right now and trying to keep Christian entertained as well =) Being an elementary teacher, I'm learning everyday new ways to reach my students and motivate them to attend school virtually. Jason has his computer set up in the basement which he enjoys bc its a bit quieter than up here. Christian LOVES seeing my students live on Google Meets and we send little videos to them using a program called FlipGrid. Its easy and so fun to use. Each day I try to do something educational with Christian. Counting, sorting, alphabet, books, puzzles and lots of singing!! He enjoys going to his little daycare school but it has been closed for a while now. Last weekend, a good friend of ours (photographer) come to take our picture outside of our house. She was doing a "porch project" - she is not charging anyone for the photo session, instead accepting donations and using 50% of that to purchase gift cards (to support local businesses) AND she is donating the gift cards to the nurses and healthcare workers right now! So much good all wrapped up in one! Big thanks to Melissa for helping us participate in this project! See picture below! We are staying hopeful through all this, we are being creative with our meal planning, taking on projects around the house and just using this time wisely. We are grateful to be healthy and we send all our well wishes to everyone facing this right now. This too shall pass!!