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If It Is Your Wish...

"Adoption is just as beautiful, just as wonderful, and just as amazing as having a child any other way."

Wow! As I read this quote today, it rang so true! My first thought is how amazing children really are, they are such sweet, innocent beings - who look to you for everything! What a blessing they are to the world. What a blessing it is to be a parent and hold such an important job. Any child born into the world needs and deserves a secure, stable, loving home. If a birth mother or expectant parent finds themselves in a situation where they feel they are unable to raise their child, it is our hope that we can help your child learn and understand where he/she came from. If it is your wish, you will always be a part of his or her story and your deep love for your child will be known in our home. We are committed to raising your child with an understanding and sincere appreciation for the sacrifice you are making. We will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the security, joy and love we can offer. We can promise you, your baby will be loved beyond measure by us, our families and our dear friends.